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Get a wired connection and maintain your speed and reliability when you need it most. NETGEAR makes it even easier create wired connections and offers a variety high-performance switches to connect more devices directly to your network.

Check out one of the NETGEAR 5- or 8-port switches with Gigabit or Fast Ethernet connections or try the latest NETGEAR product - the click switch. With up to 16 Gigabit ports and an innovative 1-2-3-4 click mounting solution, the click switch allows to place your switch where you need it and control exactly how your ports and cables are deployed. It's easy-install bracket mounting system, slim design and internal power supplies makes it the perfect addition for your next LAN party.

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Speed Wins

You need speed, and NETGEAR WiFi routers bring it. When you're not wired make sure you're connected to the fastest WiFi available. If you haven't already upgraded your router to AC WiFi, now is the time. AC is the next-generation of WiFi, delivering 3X the speed of current n-routers, and doubles the capacity of traffic that can be processed. As more devices turn to AC, NETGEAR routers prepare households for this major leap in gaming speed.

Get 3X speed with AC WiFi

Level Up with Nighthawk

Dominate friends and foes alike with the Nighthawk lineup. Nighthawk products are built with gaming in mind and come with 4 Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports to ensure you can connect all your peripherals directly into the network. With speeds up to 3.2Gbps, powerful processors, Beamforming+, open source support and custom QoS settings to prioritize gaming activity on the network, you can ensure you've got the best in speed and reliability.

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Upgrade Your Console's WiFi

Upgrade your XBox or PlayStation's slower 11n WiFi with a NETGEAR range extender, and reap the benefits of the advanced 11ac router speeds available today. You can create a WiFi bridge and upgrade your game console's WiFi speed by adding a dual band 11ac range extender to your network and connecting your console directly into the range extender, creating a WiFi bridge. And if you decide to select a desktop range extender, you can use one the five Ethernet ports to connect your TV, Blu-Ray or streaming player directly into the WiFi network as well.

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Extend Your Wired Network

Enjoy the freedom to game anywhere in your home while keeping your wired connection, using existing electrical wiring to extend your network. Powerline networking solutions can give you wired speed in every room or boost the power and range of your WiFi network by easily setting up a WiFi access point. NETGEAR offers a wide selection of Powerline adapters delivering speeds up to 1.2Gbps.

Powerline Solutions

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