Advanced cyber threat protection for your home and all your devices.

Protect your data.

Advanced Security On Your NETGEAR Router


Stop cyber threats such as phishing, malicious URLs, and privacy attacks, before they strike.


Get reports on your overall protection level and tips on how to improve it.

NETGEAR Insight: One Touch Management
Complete Security

Protect all your devices with Bitdefender Security at home and on-the-go.


Get notified of any security vulnerabilities or threats detected on your network with the Nighthawk and Orbi app.


Experience Amplified Security with the Latest NETGEAR Armor Update

✓   Unlimited devices protected* 
✓   On-the-go antivirus protection with Bitdefender Security 
✓   Security status overview on the all new Armor Dashboard 

Check out if your router supports NETGEAR Armor

Activate Armor in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Install your NETGEAR router or WiFi system with the mobile app
  2. Wait for Armor to automatically activate on your router
  3. Tap the Armor tile to view your Protection Level
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At the end of the free trial period, a $99.99 per year subscription covers all your connected devices.

Award-Winning Cybersecurity by Bitdefender

If you're connected to the internet, your devices are vulnerable to malware attacks. Your router can view all of the device network traffic and with Bitdefender Security on your devices, you can stop cyber threats as soon as they are detected. Bitdefender Security is a complete antivirus solution that detects and blocks cyber threats like ransomware, adware, phishing attempts, and trojans.


Learn How You Can Improve Your Protection Level

NETGEAR Armor calculates your level of protection based on the overall security of your router and connected devices. The higher the score, the better prepared your network is to defend against cyber threats. Based on your score, you'll receive personalized recommendations from Armor to teach you how to improve your Protection Level.


Get Armor While On-the-Go Powered by Bitdefender Security

Sit back, relax, and browse the Internet knowing you're secure wherever you go. Take this extra level of cybersecurity with you on all your daily ventures for Windows PC, MacOS, Android, and iOS devices. Install Bitdefender Security* as part of your Armor subscription for on-the-go protection.

To install, go to on any of your devices to get on-the-go protection.


Better Security
Features With the

No matter where you enjoy streaming, gaming, and browsing on your devices, rest easy knowing you have:

✓   Anti-Theft: Remote device tracking 
✓   Data Protection: Active anti-malware filter 
✓   Anti-Phishing: Block suspicious websites 
✓   Security Scan: Prevent and remove system threats


Note: NETGEAR Armor is compatible with other security software. For example, you can have NETGEAR Armor and any other security solution installed on your laptop.

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