Staying connected with what matters most.

NETGEAR delivers innovative technology connecting homeowners to their home and family whether they are at home or away.  The heart of the system is the Gateway that integrates wired and wireless technologies around the home into a central device that can be accessed over the Internet.  The system uses WiFi and Ethernet to connect to IP devices including security touch screens, IP Cameras, NAS Storage devices and Digital Media Displays like NeoTV Prime.  Sensors or devices in the home are connected by Z-Wave® or ZigBee® to allow the homeowner to know what is going on at home no matter where they are and to control thermostats, door locks, lights and appliance from the convenience of the cell phones or tablets


With superior WiFi capabilities, NETGEAR Home Gateways provide complete connectivity with all certified devices including touch panels, cameras, security systems and either ZigBee or Z-Wave devices. Service Providers can give their customer, the homeowner, the power to monitor and control many devices in the home: Thermostats, door locks, lighting, cameras - while at home or away. 

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Touch Panels

NETGEAR Touch Panels are the command center of the NETGEAR Home Monitoring and Automation System: they provide the user quick, consistent access to every device in the connected home. A simple user interface enables customers to easily arm and disarm their system, view status of doors, control lights, thermostats, door locks and see live video from cameras in and around the home - all at the touch of a button. Quick-read information, such as weather and traffic reports, news and more, is available on-screen widgets that are constantly updated.

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